Private room in the yellow house, Casa Giallo

Casa Giallo


This room is named after Napoleon's fabori war horse.

Our room, designed as 1+1 with a large living room, consists of 87 m2 area.

Among the features of this room, which is among the most special rooms of our hotel:

Perfect Tranquillity.

Designed to meet all the expectations of our guests, this special Garden Suite is a great alternative for our guests who want a quiet, pleasant and special holiday with our impeccable service understanding.

Casa Giallo

Casa Giallo in Sapanca


Heated Swimming Pool

Spa Centre


Benefits of Fresh Air

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Wild Nature

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Magnificent nature full of oxygen.

Located just 3 kilometers from the Sapanca Lake, Casa Giallo offers a serene, intimate and rejuvenating vacation experience. Surrounded by untouched natural beauty and oxygen-rich environment that never loses its charm. We only serve guests who are 12 years old or older.

The rooms of our hotel are designed to meet the needs of comfort and relaxation, and have luxury features. A terrace overlooking forest view, a Jacuzzi and a fireplace are featured in the rooms.