Benefits of Hiking

The warm sunshine on your face, the sound of the wind through the trees overhead and the soft earthy feel of the path beneath your shoes... Hiking is not only enjoyable, it is also good for your health. Hiking has been proven to have many health benefits, from physical exercise to the emotional and mental relaxation of being in nature. In this article the benefits of hiking we have compiled for you.

Physical Benefits of Hiking

Hiking is one of the best ways to exercise. No matter what kind of trail you find yourself on, hiking is a great body workout from head to toe.

Thanks to hiking:

  • Muscles and bones become stronger.
  • A sense of balance develops.
  • Heart health improves.
  • The risk of certain respiratory problems is reduced.

Mental Health Benefits of Hiking

Being in nature improves your mood and mental health. Spending quality time outdoors has been proven to reduce stress, soothe anxiety and reduce the risk of depression.

In addition to its mental health benefits, being outdoors opens your senses to your surroundings and improves your sensory perception. Soaking up the sights and smells of nature has so many health benefits that it is even recommended by doctors.

Improves Your Relationships with People

You don't have to go hiking alone. Take a friend, neighbour, family member or partner with you to have more fun while hiking. Hiking with someone or in a group strengthens your friendships and bonds.

Improves Sleep Pattern

Research has shown that regular walking can help relieve insomnia and improve sleep patterns. Because a good walk stabilises your mood and opens the mind. Relaxed body and mind are easier to fall asleep.

Improves Memory and Brain Functions

When you walk, blood flows to the brain, carrying oxygen and important nutrients with it. Research shows that this increased blood flow improves the connections between neurons in the parts of the brain responsible for memory and cognitive functions.

Researchers have found that adults who walk have better memory than those who do not walk.

We often think that we are too busy with work to go for a walk. We tell ourselves that we just need to recharge our batteries at the computer and cross things off our to-do list. But science shows that walking, especially outdoors, can help us focus and improve our ability to process information, ultimately making our time in front of the computer more productive.

Sapanca Nature Walk

There are hundreds of natural areas and national parks in Turkey where you can hike. Each of them offers unique opportunities to experience nature. 

Sapanca Casa Giallo offers you many trekking areas to explore in Sapanca with its location in nature. 

Don't be afraid to lace up your shoes and go for a walk. The opportunities and benefits of trekking are waiting for you, all you have to do is set off.

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Magnificent nature full of oxygen.

Located just 3 kilometers from the Sapanca Lake, Casa Giallo offers a serene, intimate and rejuvenating vacation experience. Surrounded by untouched natural beauty and oxygen-rich environment that never loses its charm. We only serve guests who are 12 years old or older.

The rooms of our hotel are designed to meet the needs of comfort and relaxation, and have luxury features. A terrace overlooking forest view, a Jacuzzi and a fireplace are featured in the rooms.