When to go to Sapancaya?

Sapanca, known for its proximity to big cities, is suitable for four seasons. Thanks to the activities to be done in every season, you can enjoy Sapanca Lake and the unique nature. 

Things to do in Sapanca in Spring

In the spring season, which heralds the arrival of summer, Sapanca also begins to green up and cheer up with the sound of migratory birds. With the awakening of nature, the number of outdoor activities also increases. Activities to be done in Sapanca in the spring season are as follows;

  • Migratory bird observation
  • Watching mallard and dabbling ducks in the lake
  • Going on a cycling tour on Sapanca Lake
  • Picnic
  • Yoga in a room with a terrace at Casa Giallo hotel

Things to do in Sapanca in Summer

Sapanca opens the season with the arrival of summer and becomes a popular destination for visitors who want to spend the weekend. Visitors who are bored with the noise of the city can do the following activities in the summer:

  • Cycling around the lake
  • Canoeing on the lake
  • Participating in ATV tours
  • Visiting historical places
  • Cool off in the pool of Casa Giallo hotel

Things to do in Sapanca in Autumn

When the summer is over and the season starts to turn to winter, the things to do in Sapanca leave their place to more serene activities. Sapanca is one of the places where the transition from summer to winter is the smoothest. In this way, visitors can enjoy nature in this soft weather with various activities. Activities to be done in Sapanca in autumn are as follows:

  • Taking nature photographs
  • Making nature walks
  • Exploring the highlands and forest

Things to do in Sapanca in winter

We seek escape from big cities not only in summer but also in winter. Sapanca is a perfect destination in this case. Although there are various activities to enjoy the holiday in summer, the time spent in Sapanca in winter is much more relaxing. Here are the activities to do in Sapanca in winter:

  • Skiing in Kartepe for those who cannot give up outdoor activities 
  • Chats in front of the fireplace in the evening
  • Outdoor fire-making experience in fire pits
  • Casa Giallo Hotel offers an outdoor heated swimming pool

Four Seasons Holiday at Sapanca Casa Giallo Hotel

Casa Giallo, with its indisputable natural beauty and oxygen-laden nature, which maintains its all-season charm, offers its visitors activities suitable for all seasons. 

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Magnificent nature full of oxygen.

Located just 3 kilometers from the Sapanca Lake, Casa Giallo offers a serene, intimate and rejuvenating vacation experience. Surrounded by untouched natural beauty and oxygen-rich environment that never loses its charm. We only serve guests who are 12 years old or older.

The rooms of our hotel are designed to meet the needs of comfort and relaxation, and have luxury features. A terrace overlooking forest view, a Jacuzzi and a fireplace are featured in the rooms.