Boutique Hotel and Normal Hotel Differences

Travelling is one of the important parts of our lives. It can be for holiday and entertainment purposes as well as for business purposes. One of the most important steps in travel planning is hotel selection. There are many hotel options today. The most common ones are boutique hotels and chain hotels. In this article, in order to understand which type of hotel is most suitable for you the advantages of boutique hotels and their differences from normal hotels we explain.

What is Boutique Hotel? 

Boutique hotelis an accommodation concept that emerged in New York in the 1980s and breaks all the rules of traditional accommodation. It offers an intimate and stylish environment as well as personalised service and experience. It has fewer rooms than other hotels and serves in a smaller area. 

What is a Chain Hotel (Normal Hotel)?

Chain hotelis a hotel that is part of a series or a group of hotels operated by the same company or owner. Unlike independent hotels or boutique hotels, they are bound by certain organisational rules. Therefore, it is possible to see that the design and service style of all the hotels of the chain are the same.

Differences of Boutique Hotels and Chain Hotels

There are significant differences between boutique hotels and chain hotels. These can often be seen in the benefits and services provided. Location, facilities, amenities and space are also key differentiators. 

A boutique hotel is a smaller, luxury type of hotel with a distinctive character, offering an intimate experience and personalised service. In big cities, they are usually located more centrally. In holiday destinations, they can be located in areas where you can be close to nature. Boutique hotels, which fall into the luxury category, have modern and personalised room designs.

Chain hotels, on the other hand, are owned by a large hotel company. Such hotels are run by the company and are usually standardised across all locations in terms of size, decor, location, amenities offered. An advantage of this is that you always know what to expect during your stay. However, you will not get the same unique and personalised experience as you would in a boutique hotel.

Boutique Hotel Features & Advantages

From a more personalised, luxurious experience to unique amenities not often found in chain hotels, boutique hotels have many advantages. 

More Autonomy

The first feature that distinguishes boutique hotels from chain hotels is that boutiques are independently run and have more autonomy. This means that they do not have a set of corporate standards to follow and therefore can offer customised solutions to guests' needs. 

Personalised Accommodation and Services

As boutique hotels are smaller in size and have fewer rooms, they have more opportunities to offer each guest a truly personalised experience and cater to your every need.

For example, the restaurant of a boutique hotel can offer dishes according to your personal tastes or to suit your diet.

Ambience and Design

The interior decor in chain hotels is simple and classic. The decor and design is the same in every room in all locations. This may not be suitable for those looking for a more cosy experience. 

Unlike chain hotels, boutique hotels aim to host their guests in a home environment. Therefore, it also makes the hotel design accordingly. To put it briefly, boutique hotels make you feel like home, not like a hotel, whether with its ambience or design.

This is because there is no corporate mandate dictating the design and décor. This means that more effort is put into the design process to create a unique concept and ambience that you will not see in any other hotel.

While this may seem like a superficial touch, having a unique design concept has a significant impact on the ambience of the hotel and your overall experience. This means that you will feel just as comfortable in your hotel room as you would when exploring and travelling around the city.

In addition, boutique hotels usually have fewer guests, resulting in more attentive staff, a more private and relaxing stay, and quieter dining experiences.

Unique Facilities and Features

Boutique hotels have all the amenities, but may also have some unexpected extras that will maximise your experience.

Again, boutique hotels want to offer you an elevated experience and therefore you can expect to be generously welcomed with the following amenities during your stay:

The features (advantages) of boutique hotels are as follows:

  1. Heated pools, spa rooms
  2. Open terraces, private balconies and a private garden
  3. Health and sports centres
  4. Premium hotel restaurant and room service
  5. Bathrooms with bathtub and jacuzzi
  6. Free and fast Wi-Fi (internet connection)
  7. Mini fridge and mini bar
  8. Play and activity areas
  9. Room specific heating and air conditioning systems

Local Experience & Environmental Exploration

In addition to chain hotels whose location is close to city centres, boutique hotels allow you to enjoy the city you visit better. This is because they are located in nature, especially in holiday areas. This way nature walks and go exploring, from the benefits of fresh air you can benefit from.

The kitchens of boutique hotels are also customised and localised. Boutique hotel kitchens, where special foods are prepared for the city you are in, enhance the travel experience.

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